Poems I Never Thought I’d Write: Part 1

One of the benefits of my creative writing class is that it forces me to write poetry that I normally wouldn’t, or would be inclined to avoid. This makes me write some really interesting pieces that I simultaneously think are horrible and great, and am also proud of but slightly off put by. Here’s the first installment in this series.

It’s a guided lines poem, meaning each line has a specific direction associated with it. These directions can be ‘Use a quote from [X] person’s poem, [Y]’ or ‘Alliterate for days’ or ‘Only four syllable words’ along with some overall general directions, such as rhyming and whatnot.

Where did I set down my bitter drink?
It’s in the cup with Pluto drawn on it!
Oh, Pluto! You didn’t shit on the rug, kudos! Oh, it’s stinking in the sink…
Awaiting devious adventures,
You say yes, I say no!

Alas, my cup is on the stove, from which red gleams,
The cup imparts a burn upon my hand,
I hear a fan’s whooshing; spinning above, like my penis when in a drunken orgy
Perilously perched upon                  precocious people’s palettes,
Was it a vision, or a waking dream?

Fuck, I have a second Pluto cup?
Is that coke in your bra, or are you just happy to see me?
I don’t think doing that last line was the best choice,
Illustrating, redefining, extricating potentially
The voiceless lightning in these solitudes.

I made sure not to put my Pluto cup on the table,
Dinner at 6?
The lil’ bitch drools on my poppin’ new crib’s floor,
I vociferously shout ‘Serendipity!’
With [my] young wife – a time, and opportunity.


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